Why KidTown Melbourne?

I often get asked why I took over as Editor of KidTown Melbourne, so I thought I’d tell you my story!

Three years ago, I took my then baby to the opening of the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.  At the time, I was a fashion blogger writing solely for my own blog; Recycled Fashion.

On this particular day I didn’t have anyone to babysit, so I didn’t think twice and took sweet little L with me.  When I arrived, Baby L was not just the only baby present, but the only child.  In a sea of media, TV cameras, photographers, journalists, bloggers and writers, there I was with Baby L in his pram, cooing and smiling at all those who chose to glance in his direction.


That said, all eyes were on Jean Paul Gaultier himself, who was there in person to open his exquisite fashion exhibition to the awaiting throng of media.


As I wandered around exhibition with Baby L in his pram, stopping to admire the impressive displays, a few media folk acknowledged my tiny companion. A journalist from The Age stopped to talk to me; unfortunately, I can’t remember her name; she commended my decision to bring Baby L along with me.  She then went on to tell me she’d done the same when her children were little. She explained how her children had now grown up into cultured young men who appreciate the arts and who choose to attend art galleries and watch theatre shows, all off their own back.

I went home that day and thought about what that journalist had said.  From that day forth, I made it my mission to expose the kids to all the activities, shows and events I could manage / afford.  KidTown Melbourne has offered a platform for me to share those experiences. Getting out to enjoy what this amazing city has to offer, away from iPads and TVs, can only be a good thing for our little people, right?


Don’t get me wrong, screen time happens in this house, but our memories are not made playing video games or watching TV shows.

Some of the most incredible experiences we’ve had as a family since the beginning of KidTown Melbourne, have been going to live theatre and circus performances, enjoying art installations, exhibitions & museums, hearing live music, experiencing animal encounters, trying our hands at animation, LEGO & robotics workshops and so much more. Such experiences have opened-up our family’s minds and our world.

I truly believe exposing our children to such experiences has made an enormous impact and hugely expanded their imagination, curiosity and creativity.

By sharing all the fun and creative experiences available in Melbourne alongside KidTown Melbourne contributors Marta, Olivia and Kate we hope to inspire you to explore our wonderful city with your kids too. I know sometimes days out aren’t affordable which is why I like to offer so many ticket giveaways on KidTown Melbourne.

Of course I also share lots of free or minimal cost activities that Melbourne has on offer; museums, galleries, and festivals, so there’s really no need for anyone to miss out on the fun.

I want all families living in and around our wonderful home town, to be able to enjoy much loved family time to the max, and that’s why I do what I do… Thank you for joining me on this journey! Xx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this!! So glad you took L to the exhibition!!! Xx x


  2. EricaLouise says:

    Me too! Thanks for reading x


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