Frankston Arts Centre: The Theatre of Choice for Bayside and Peninsula Residents

An open letter of thanks to the wonderful staff at the Frankston Arts Centre:

My work as a freelance writer covers reviews and promotions for family friendly events. Most of this work is published in online publications such as WeekendNotes, KidTown Melbourne and print magazines such as Peninsula Kids.

A large chunk of my written work is to raise awareness for arts and culture events that are suited to a younger audience. Much of this is to promote kid-friendly theatre productions and art exhibitions. I am a firm believer that exposing children to the arts inspires creativity and curiosity in young minds, which in turn fosters mental growth and nurtures self-expression.

Frankston Arts Centre makes theatre-going more accessible to suburban dwellers. Sitting on the edge of Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs, Frankston Arts Centre has become the theatre of choice for Bayside and Peninsula residents.

Outside Frankston Arts Centre

I am constantly inspired by the arts program offered by the Frankston Arts Centre.  High quality productions and big name stars in entertainment perform to families on the Frankston Arts Centre’s stage. Because of this, children residing in Melbourne South East (and beyond) benefit from the opportunity to see affordable, highly entertaining shows.

Of all the marketing teams I work with in Melbourne and beyond, the staff at the Frankston Arts Centre are the most amiable. I am in regular contact with the FAC Team, who continue to provide program updates and keep me in the loop for all family-friendly events held on and off stage throughout the year. This benefits my readers both on social sites and in publications; parents who are looking for entertainment ideas for their children.

My ongoing relationship with the Frankston Arts Centre means I can add value to my readers both online and in print, so that I can spread the word on some of the amazing experiences on offer to Melbourne & Peninsula families.

Thank you Karishma, Lucinda and the rest of the team at the Frankston Arts Centre who continually inspire my work; with KidTown Melbourne in particular.

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