Instagram Stories Highlights and Story Archives

Tailoring Your Instagram Story Highlights on Instagram to Show Off your Brand or Business

I’ve been learning a thing or two about improving one’s Insta profile. In particular, the ‘Highlighted Stories’ section, in which you can show off some of your best Insta Stories on your actual profile.  Did you know you could do this?  If you didn’t, read more here.

It’s possible to tailor your Highlighted Insta Stories to make it look more branded.

Something like this (’cause I just did it):


You see the bit in the middle of my profile, where it says ‘social media’, ‘travel writing’, ‘print publications’ and ‘web copy’:


So to do that, I had to make up some of my own titles, using my preferred font and colour – I use for this, it’s free.

Before you do this, get your pixel dimensions right.  The ideal Insta Story dimension is not your atypical Insta Square.  The ideal dimensions for an Insta Story post is 1080x (wide) x 1920 (tall).  I’ll give credit where credit is due, I found these dimensions here.

TravelWriting copy

Once you’ve done that, upload each of these text only graphics as images (as you would usually with any other image/photo) into your Insta Stories.  Make are you’ve got your ‘Save to Archive’ functionality clicked on under your story settings.


Your Insta Stories might look a bit weird without any other explanation but it doesn’t really matter because they’ll be gone soon.

Now go to the + button under your bio, and add a separate ‘Highlight’ for each of your titles.  You can zoom in on your titles to enlarge the font if you need to.  To do this, expand your fingers on the image via your smart phone touch screen as you would do when you’re zooming in on another other image.

That’s it!  You’re done. Title the Highlight if you want to, I preferred to use emojis because I found the text was self explanatory. You can add more to your highlighted stories at any time, otherwise edit or delete.

Hope you find this useful.  Give it a go?


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