How to Stick to a Colour Theme on Instagram

Colour Theme Your Insta Feed

Are you envious of those beautiful cohesive colour themed accounts you follow on Instagram? I know I am.. but, it’s not actually that difficult to do.


Why should you stick to a colour theme on Instagram?

Stick to a colour scheme on Instagram and your feed will appear much more pleasing to the eye.  There’s a science behind this, but inevitably following a consistent colour theme on Instagram is common sense because your feed will appear cleaner and more inviting to the eye. More inviting = more interest in your brand = more followers = more business.

Colour themed Insta feeds aren’t all about being matchy-matchy and pretty, but about steering away from clutter and mess to demonstrate professionalism in what you do.

Tools to use to help with your Instagram colour branding

How do you post a consistent, colour themed Instagram feed?  Well, it just takes a bit of pre-planning.

If you’re starting your Instagram account from scratch, I dare say it is going to be easier for you to kick off your colour themed feed than if you’ve hit the ground running without doing your research. You can match the colours of your business logo for example, and that way your Instagram feed will follow your branded colours from the get-go.

If you’re not quite sure how to match the colours of your logo, go to, upload your logo and voila; you’ve got your branded colours, each with a colour code should you wish to create your own branded messages or memes in the same free program.

If you’re already on the move with your Instagram feed, there’s a free online tool that will display your Instagram’s current colour palette. Go to 👉 and plan your future posts accordingly. Or change your colours if you don’t like what you see. All hail the ‘archive’ feature on Instagram, so you can hide the old posts you don’t want your followers to see anymore.

How do you find the right images for your Insta theme?

Keep your eyes peeled at all times. When you’re out and when you’re not. Both online and offline. When you see a post on Insta that you think will match your own feed, save it. Reposting someone else’s photo on Instagram can be done as long as you give credit. So, if you do find an image or graphic on another user’s feed that will look damn fine in your own, use it.. but always reference the original photographer / creative in your caption. Even better, ask for permission first.

Alternatively, you can obtain images via royalty free sites such as Pixabay or Pexels. Austockphoto is another great source of imagery, offering a “carefully curated collection of all-Australian stock photography at a fair price.”

Of course you could photograph your own colour themed shots if you have the time/money/equipment. If not, refer to the above.

Generate your Instagram colour palette and stick to it

Whether you choose to go for a natural tone, pastel palette or bright and vibrant feed, finding your colour theme for Instagram should be a researched topic before you hit the publish button. Once you’re happy with your Instagram colour theme, stick to it!

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