Dave Pollot in Junkies Magazine Australia

Latest Work: Junkies Magazine Australia Issue 15

Article in Junkies Magazine pg 28 – 31.















I’m a little delayed in my updates, but better late (whoops.. 8 months!) than not at all.

I really enjoyed writing about New York-based artist Dave Pollot in Junkies Magazine Australia (issue 15) late last year.

Dave breathes new life into old thrift store canvases by hand painting unexpected objects and characters into long-forgotten landscapes.


“Quirky upgrades to thrift store art”

Intro: Abandoned paintings in thrift stores are a common sight. Hundreds if not thousands of discarded artworks sit collecting dust for months or even years in city thrift shops. A lucky few, however, are subjected to the quirkiest of upgrades by New York-based artist Dave Pollot.”

You can read the full article on 28 – 31 in issue 15 of Junkies Magazine Australia otherwise read here: Dave Pollot.

Dave’s work is fantastic! It was a pleasure learning all about his journey into “thrift art.”


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