Magpie Goose in Junkies Magazine Australia

Latest Work: Junkies Magazine Australia Issue 17

Magpie Goose: Weaving Indigenous stories into ethical fashion.

My article featuring fashion social enterprise Magpie Goose pg 32-37

I had the pleasure of interviewing the two incredibly inspiring founders of Australia’s newest fashion social enterprise Magpie Goose for my latest published piece in Junkies Magazine Australia.

Intro: Bright, bold and unapologetic. These are the three words Maggie McGowan and Laura Egan use to describe their social enterprise fashion label, Magpie Goose. Weaving Indigenous stories into wearable pieces of art, Magpie Goose showcases the lives of those who reside in Australia’s Top End – including Aboriginal artists in WA, NT and QLD. Designs by Indigenous artists are screen printed onto the textiles used in all Magpie Goose collections. These symbolic narratives are then shared with the rest of the world through timeless, ethically made fashion collections.”

You can read the full article on pages 32 – 27 in issue 17 of Junkies Magazine Australia otherwise download here: Magpie Goose.

Maggie McGowan and Laura Egan are doing great things! Magpie Goose, a uniquely Australian ethical fashion brand, generates a sustainable income for those living in remote communities.

Browse any one of the Magpie Goose design collaborations and I’m sure you’ll be as smitten as I:

Magpie Goose: First Collection
Magpie Goose Second Collection: After the Rains

You can shop the Magpie Goose range yourselves: here.

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